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Hydraulic cylinder assistance and spare parts


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Every project is in safe hands with Idroteck!

The manufacture of hydraulic cylinders follows well-defined production processes developed entirely in-house, ending with the delivery of the carefully packaged product. Idroteck's technical departments are supervised by qualified personnel who create custom projects for any requirement: whether they are tie-rod hydraulic cylinders, compact short-stroke cylinders or special cylinders, each request is taken care of to achieve the ideal solution for each application.

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The company is committed to guaranteeing an after-sales service should there be any need for technical and other support. This is possible thanks to the expert help of professionals who work to guarantee the quality of any service. With the help of specific and detailed technical documentation provided by the company, personnel can be trained to carry out the final work.

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Spare parts

Idroteck boasts a fast and efficient support service: this is mainly due to the fact that the entire production is carried out in-house, guaranteeing rapid manufacturing and delivery. This also applies to all spare parts: a replacement stock is always available to meet customer requirements.

Hydraulic cylinder

Thanks to its specialised technicians, Idroteck provides a professional and careful overhaul service useful in any application sector.

The operators are able to identify the problem and the cause of the failure in order to proceed with the overhaul or replacement of the part: the cylinders are disassembled, cleaned and meticulously checked. Speed in this process is important to limit machine downtime as much as possible. Gli operatori sono in grado di individuare la problematica e la causa del guasto in modo da poter procedere alla revisione o sostituzione del pezzo: i cilindri vengono smontati, puliti e minuziosamente controllati. La velocità di questa operazione è importante per limitare il più possibile i fermo macchina.

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