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Hydraulic Cylinder Applications

Sectors of use for Idroteck cylinders


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Idroteck hydraulic cylinder solutions are designed and manufactured by expert technicians who, thanks to experience gained over time, are able to advise and guarantee a product designed and suitable to use in different applications and in different working conditions.

Cilindri oleodinamici per macchine industriali

Hydraulic cylinders
for industrial machines

Designed for different industrial sectors, Idroteck hydraulic cylinders are ideal for machinery intended for company production. These are systems used in the automation sector, in robotics, in steel and die-casting industries: the hydraulic pistons are intended for presses used for plastic moulding, cutting machines or punching machines.

Cilindri oleodinamici per il settore alimentare

Hydraulic cylinders
for the food sector

Idroteck supplies hydraulic pistons for machinery in pasta factories. The cylinders are needed to make fluid movements during the working process, ensuring precision and durability.

Cilindri oleodinamici per il settore navale

Hydraulic cylinders
for the naval sector

Hydraulic pistons designed for the various uses needed in the marine environment: shipyards and devices serving the helmsman, gangways and moving bulkheads. The resistance of Idroteck hydraulic cylinders allows them to be used in conditions of persistent stress and in close contact with sea water, without any danger of them being damaged.

Cilindri oleodinamici per il settore dell'automotive

Hydraulic cylinders
for the automotive sector

Idroteck hydraulic cylinders are the ideal solution for machinery used in the automotive industry. A guarantee of resistance and efficiency in the scenario of solutions used for the moulding and assembly of car components.

Cilindri oleodinamici per il settore delle energie rinnovabili

Hydraulic cylinders
for the renewable energy sector

For businesses that deal with the energy sector, Idroteck hydraulic pistons are intended for the wind, hydroelectric and hydraulic power plant sectors.

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