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Devices to detect the limit switch for short stroke compact cylinders and tie-rod cylinders

The sensors for Idroteck hydraulic cylinders are adaptable to short stroke compact cylinders and to tie-rod cylinders for the magnetic series. They are divided according to the type of voltage, power, contact type and temperature limits. To fix the sensor, the compact cylinders already have a cavity specifically created to insert the device, while the tie-rod cylinders need a sensor holder bracket.

REED sensors

The limit switch consists of a Reed contact drowned in synthetic resin; as a magnetic field approaches, the contact closes generating an electrical signal.

  • REED contact SCTW for T° up to 120°C with 2 wires;
  • SCT REED contact SCT for T° up to 85°C with 2 wires;
  • REED contact SCTM8 for T° up to 85°C with 3 wires.

REED sensors hydraulic cylinder
Sensori Reed cilindri oleodinamici disegno tecnico

Magnetic sensors

Working voltage 0-30V AC/DC 10-230V AC/DC 5-30V DC
Current (max) REED 500 mA 250 mA 250 mA
Power (max) REED 10 W 10VA 10 W 8VA 10 W 8VA
Led indicator light None Yellow Yellow
Cable PUR 2x0,14mm2 PVC/PUR 3x0,14mm2 PVC/PUR 3x0,14mm2
Cable length 2,5 m 2 m 0,15 m
Connection - - Male Connector M8
Temperature -40°C/+120°C -20°C/+85°C -20°C/+85°C
Degree of protection IP67 IP67 IP67
Cable terminal with 2 wires with 2 wires with 3 wires and connector

Cable with connectors for SCTM8 sensors

Cable with connectors for SCTM8 sensors
Cable length 2,5 m 5 m 10 m
Connection Female M8 Female M8 Female M8
N° poles 3 3 3

Sensor holder brackets for tie-rod cylinders

Sensor holder brackets for tie-rod cylinders
S70 S145 S165
Depending on the bore Ø of the cylinder 25 - 32 - 40 50 - 63 80 - 100

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